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Caribbean Art Collection was launched 2004 under the auspices of the Ambassador of Jamaica, her Excellency Marcia Gilbert-Roberts, and with the support of the agency "Eßkultur" in the Museum for Ethnology, Berlin-Dahlem.

The idea for Caribbean Art Collection had the Jamaican

Lydia Tulloch-Déhee. She studied Psychology in New York and has lived in Tanzania / E. Africa, Geneva / Switzerland and Paris / France. Since 1992 she has been living in Berlin. Her wide travels and contact with the United Nations Organisation (UNO) has given her insight into different cultures and languages but she still maintains her strongest ties to Jamaica.

The goal of Caribbean Art Collection is to support caribbean art and artists as well as supporting social projects in the Caribbean. Supporting of Berlin artists is an additional aim.

>>> Artists

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All pictures and sculptures can be bought or be on loan.


We offer exhibition concepts (f.e. broaching the history of the caribbean area) and consult with you for temporary solutions (f.e. room setup with pictures in restaurants, window display etc.)

Optional it is possible to get on to musicians and performance artists from the caribbean area.

You will find a summary of events >>> here

Caribbean Art Collection permanently supports the german association Caribbean Art Association e.V. with objects to be on loan.

Watch our video and learn more about our artists:

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