The concept of Caribbean Art Collection is to work as a mobile gallery using art as a media to expose the caribbean culture throughout Europe. The base is Berlin Germany. We not only have art shows but have been offered the give seminars of information about the Caribbean.


Since its openning in 2004, Caribbean Art Collection is slowing becoming a cultural information source in Berlin.

Caribbean Art Collection seems to satisfy a cultural bridge that has not yet existed here in Europe. Attendance to our vernissage is growing but because the actual sales of art is yet low it is necessary to find sponsorships and/or people or organizations for mutual support.

One of the main goals of the Caribbean Art Collection gallery is to support Caribbean art and artists as well as supporting social projects in the Caribbean.

To illustrate the  intention and goals of Caribbean Art Collection you will below find an extract of an interview with Xavier Murphy and Lydia Dehee puplished at

Murphy: Where in Jamaica are you from and when did you leave? Do you visit often?

Déhee: I was born in Kingston Jamaica and left when I was twelve years old to finish school in New York, USA. Destiny and influence from my social circle then sent me on to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania which had a great impact on my self awareness. My mother had worked with the United Nations in N.Y. and its headquarters moved to Geneva Switzerland where I stayed with her for a while before going on to Paris, France where I was offered a career as a model and dancer. (...) My life was literally just travelling all over the world until I finally settled here in Berlin. I re-discovered Jamaica when my son was born and have been going back regularly at first every 2 years and now almost every year.

Murphy: Where did your initial interest in Caribbean art come from?


Even after my career as a model and dancer was over my family and I kept on travelling into Africa and southern Europe. I had learnt french and with english it is pretty easy to get around in this world. When visiting for example Agadir, Morocco I would be jogging on the beach and people would ask me where I came from. I would say of course Jamaica. It took them just a day or two to follow me on the beach and sing Bob Marley songs. The social and political problems of Jamaica are similar to the problems that most lands of the world have. Even if they don’t understand what he is saying they identify with his energy and image.

In many ways through my travels, I witnessed how Jamaica has influenced the world, not only the so called third world but also the industrial world.


My father was also a collector. (...) I entered his home I saw a haitian painting of a woman smoking a pipe. I said „Daddy, you don’t want to give me this?“ Although my father really loved me very much, I know this for sure, he answered „Lydia, everywhere this painting goes I go“. I am also a born collector we can understand this attachment for certain things.

Eight years later my father died. He did not forget, he kept his word. In his will he specified „I want Lydia to have the painting of the woman with the Pipe“. The intensity of what I felt with this jest is the energy and reasons for Caribbean Art Collection.


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